MA6 Online
took place on
Saturday 16th May 2020

Catchup Schedule

1100-1145 Highlights of Previous Years
1145-1200 Painless 360 – How to ask for help
1200-1300 Lurgy’s fixed wing community buildalong
1300-1400 MA6 FPV Freestyle
1400-1430 Jack & Andy – Philosophy of troubleshooting Jack and Painless Troubleshooting
1430-1500 Oddball 3000
1500-1600 RCLabBotics’ micro heli build
1600-1615 Lurgy presents the community creations
1615-1700 NJ interviews UK FPV manufacturers
1700-1800 Indoor FPV Racing UK runs a Tiny Whoop GO tournament
1800-2000 Ali Barrett’s velocidrone tournament stream
2000-2100 Wyntrblue interviews ZoeFPV
2100-end LDO might do some stuff if they feel like it…

Competition Results

AliB’s Velocidrone Team Tournament
1st: X Blades (Alex Kubrak, Luke Bannister, Harry Holmes, Owen Knight)
2nd: Velocidrone (Karl Payne, Ashley Davis, Matthew Neale, Ali Craig)
3rd: Killakwads (Jon Smoky, Matt B, OrangutanFPV, SherrifFPV)

Full results here

Indoor FPV UK’s Tiny Whoop Go Tournament
1st: Dan Carpy
2nd: JordyFPV
3rd: Carlito

Speed Sloth
Spider FPV (raw file)

1st: Lurgy
2nd (equal): Carlito
2nd (equal): Spider
Speed Slot (could not attend)

1st: Mavic-not-mavic (Jack Nash)